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The competition

The Panettone World Championship, conceived and organized in Italy, is the event that celebrates the most famous Italian leavened product in the world: the traditional artisan panettone.


It is an international competition organized by the Accademia dei Maestri del Lievito Madre e del Panettone Italiano to promote the quality of traditional Italian artisan panettone around the world.


The Academy, established in September 2020, was born from the inspiration of a small group belonging to Maestri del Lievito Madre Claudio Gatti, Salvatore De Riso, Maurizio BonanomiPaolo Sacchetti, Vincenzo Tiri and Carmen Vecchione provided the driving force to set up the Academy with the mission of promoting and protecting the use of sourdough by pastry chefs, pizza chefs and bakers who have been using and working with it for at least 10 years.


Academy members base their vocation on the values of professionalism, sustainability and sharing, committing themselves to spreading and promoting the use of quality ingredients in the preparation and production of panettone.

Edition 2021


The objectives

To start a discussion to promote respect for artisanal and traditional panettone, produced using quality raw materials, without the use of chemical additives and preservatives modifying the natural essence of the basic ingredients;

To raise public awareness of the importance of the quality, value and uniqueness of traditional artisanal panettone.

Selection begins in Italy and in foreign countries for the second edition of Panettone World Championship, which follows the first edition, hosted in 2019 at HostMilano.

To participate, it is necessary to follow and respect all the rules indicated in the regulations.

The previous competition proclaimed the panettone by Alessandro Slama as winner from the critical jury and the panettone of Salvatore Gabbiano won from the quality jury.

The selection


There are 5 stages for the selections in Italy in which 30 panettone will be chosen to represent Italy in the semi-final.


One panettone will be selected as representative of the foreign country of origin.

In total, 5 representatives from abroad and 30 from Italy will be admitted.

Planned: the semi-final in Parma and the final in Milan in October 2021 35 panettone will compete in the semi-final, which will take place on Friday 22 October at ALMA - The International School of Italian Cuisine in Parma.

Of these, only 20 will go to the final, which will take place on Sunday 24 October at HostMilano 2021.


Why participate?

The Panettone World Championship is an important moment of comparison and growth with the greatest Masters of Mother Yeast, pastry chefs, bakers, and pizza makers at the national and international levels.

The winner will be able to proclaim the title of "Panettone World Championship Winner" until 30 April 2023 by inserting the logo of their title in the packaging of their product: Panettone World Championship 2021 Winner.

The juries

The Technical jury, the Quality jury and the Popular jury will judge the products blindly and only the delegate will be aware of the correspondence between candidate and product.

  • The Technical jury is comprised of undisputed Masters and a president.

  • The Quality jury is made up of journalists and specialized operators in the communication sector with in-depth knowledge of the product, and a president.

  • The Popular jury is created from a heterogeneous audience elected by drawing lots from special lists.

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