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The competition

This year the most famous leavened competition in Italy is played in teams and no longer alone. From October 9 will start thefirst edition of the Panettone World Team ChampionshipAn international eventorganized and promoted by Mother Yeast and Italian Panettone Academy, in collaboration with Host Milano and with Italian Gourmet as Official Media Partner. Eight teams, made up of masters from every country, will compete in the preparation of the "greatest Christmas leavened product in the world" to win the first title PWC (Panettone World Championship)

The opening of this exciting competition is set for the evening of 9 October at Eataly in Verona in which, also in the presence of the institutions, the eight competing teams will be presented to the public. Only after the first day dedicated to refreshments on the adaptation of the sourdough for the competition will the first round of the challenge finally follow:from 10 to 11 Octoberat the laboratories of the Polin group, the first ones will compete 4 European teams, while the12 and the October 13ththey will compete 4 non-European nationals. Each team will be made up of three professionals and a team manager, necessarily belonging to the nation represented, selected and nominated by the professional schools indicated by the Consulates to the MLM Academy.


The objectives

Competitors will have to demonstrate their skills by packaging ten identical panettone, made in three versions:Italian classic panettone,Chocolate panettone with chocolate dough,innovative leavened "salty panettone"


The juries

Under the watchful eyes of an exceptional jury, which will carry out a pre-competition inspection, the laboratory, equipment and ingredients will have to comply with inflexible standards, as will the sourdough, which must be fresh and come exclusively from the country represented. The jury, made up of national team managers and external judges, will be asked to express their preference through strict evaluation criteria that will concern the leavened products, waste reduction, teamwork, cleaning and final presentation. The classification will be given by the sum of the scores obtained by the teams in the different categories.

The Proclamation 

On October 14th at HostMilanoof Fiera Milano,from 17.00will take place thereannouncement of the winnerof the first trophyPWC extension, together with the delivery of the special prizes assigned by the Presidents of the jury. Up for grabs for the 1st classified team the world cup and the gold medal, plus the prize of 5,000 euros and a supply of products from the sponsors of the championship; the second in the standings will be awarded the silver medal and a prize of 3,000 euros, while the winners of the bronze medal will receive 2,000 euros in winnings. The sixSpecial Awardswill be awarded for: the Best Laboratory Organization; the best cleaning during processing; the best ratio of team members "Teamwork"; Best Presentation-Showcase Table; the Best Presentation Packaging - available only for the Innovative-Savory Panettone and the Best Presentation Brochure.


The Regulations for participation in the 3rd edition of

Panettone World Championship isavailable here


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